Current Challenges in the Digitisation of Agriculture

Agribusinesses in Australia and around the world have a number of significant barriers to overcome to reach digital maturity including:

  • Significant amounts of data are in inaccessible forms – notebooks, papers, pdfs etc. #FarmRecordsAreDataToo 
  • Data that is in digital form is usually used for a primary purpose and then remains in disparate software platforms and databases.
  • An individual farm or agribusiness rarely has a place to house and store what data is held other than csv’s on a thumbdrive.
  • Data is rarely uniform or standardised, making it difficult to work with and extract value from.
  • Utilisation of data usually requires a trade-off that results in a loss of ownership, or at minimum a loss of possession and control.

The Solution

AxisStream is a newly developed operational data management system where whole of farm or whole of business data can be ingested, standardised and stored in a data store that is owned and controlled by the individual. This data is then displayed in a dashboard and is available for consumption with tools such as Power BI, Grafana and others to provide insights and analysis.

AxisTech is proud to have partnered with OSIsoft and AxisStream has been developed from the lived experience of deploying IoT and AgTech solutions and combining this with OSIsoft’s data management infrastructure.  The in-depth knowledge and experience OSIsoft has in the management of production and process data and supply chain traceability will bring great value to the agricultural industry and assist in solving significant barriers when it comes to unlocking agricultural data and enabling data sharing capabilities so that producers, agribusiness and the industry can strive for production excellence.

The AxisStream solution has applicability across any commodity type and production system and can scale from the smallest farm to the largest multi-business enterprise, and can handle with ease operational data from non-farming stages within the supply chain, e.g meat processing.

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