Agricultural Data Standards Guide - Australia

AxisTech, in collaboration with staff from the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), have developed the Agricultural Data Standards Guide – Australia (ADSGA)

This guide is a collaborative document aimed at making agricultural data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) according to the FAIR data principles. This guide was developed following the guidelines and steering policies of Agricultural Research Federation (AgReFed) and should be interpreted as an application of their approach to the management and handling of agricultural data.

AgReFed is a collaboration between multiple academic and government research organisations. The AgReFed Steering Policies, Roles and Responsibilities represent a principal based framework for approaching and handling agricultural data.

Although AgReFed has a non-prescriptive approach to data types and vocabularies, we have selected a group of referencing organisations to identify and define the standards for the vocabulary, attribute names, units of measurement (UoM) and other data related information that is relevant to machine readable agricultural data. In doing so, we’ve aimed to establish a common language to facilitate the creation, storage, ingestion and utilisation of agricultural data, in a digital machine-actionable format, to enable downstream analytics such as Machine Learning (ML) and to facilitate the reuse of datasets.

We are excited to release the first version of the ADSGA. For a PDF version, please click HERE.

An easy accessible csv version of the tables included within the guide is available at AxisTech’s GitHub store HERE.

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We are very pleased to share the ADSGA with you and welcome your contribution so that we may continue expanding the information contained within this guide.

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