About the solution

  • Solution: Soil pH


Product Code / Barcode
S7937827 / 0601557937827
High sensitivity GPS & GLONASS (-146 to -165 dBm)
SIGFOX RCZ4 920.8MHz (SIGFOX Certified Module)
Standard firmware operations
Message types: sensor data, GPS position, low battery alert, input / output status change
Sensor data and battery level report every three hours
Daily GPS position report
Moisture sensor spacing
10cm or 20cm (fixed)
Moisture sensor reading count
Approximately 32000 for air and 1000 in water
Moisture resolution
Temperature resolution
0-51°C, steps of 0.2 Degrees
pH specifications
Range: 0-14 pH
Accuracy: ±0.1 pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Data Delivery Options
Output JSON Format or API
(please contact AxisTech for configuration)

Add soil pH level data to any of the Soil Moisture Monitoring S81 solutions with S81-P88-AQ.

Upgrade solutions
Upgrade to S81 solar: Soil-S81-AQ
Or upgrade to S81 solar plus soil pH: Soil-S81-P88-AQ