AxisTech is an Australian based AgTech solution provider specialising in whole-of-business data and IoT.

Our philosophy is to provide an end to end solution that is as agnostic at each point as possible. Where there isn’t existing solutions available we develop our own, where there are solutions available we look for best of breed or best fit for purpose. We love collaborations and partnerships and think this is the best way to solve real problems with real solutions.

An end to end solution requires coverage of multiple points in a complex multi-step system. We aim to provide solutions and service at each point including:

  • installations,
  • sensors,
  • cameras and devices,
  • RF and connectivity,
  • device management,
  • sensor data handling,
  • data management,
  • data storage, and
  • data analysis.

We take the view that data has value and the farmer owns their data – real-time, IoT, machine-generated, accumulated records, and historical information – and aim to reinforce this by providing the tools and access necessary.

We are playing our part in digitising agriculture.