AxisTech is a device developer, solution developer, and system integrator that fills a gap in the market between high-end integrated networks and singular wired sensors.

We provide solutions to businesses in Agriculture, Urban, and Industry sectors, including connectivity where required. Our solutions are delivered as already assembled and configured ready for install and are designed to be plug and play. Installation can be arranged if required.

For devices and sensors, we use our devices to power and control a variety of environmental sensors to generate data which is packaged and compressed by the device for delivery via Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to back end cloud servers. This data is then decompressed and converted into a user-friendly JSON format for customers’ analysis software programs or can be managed within our own alerting and dashboarding software.

For camera solutions we use 4G/LTE cellular connectivity to give independence from other onsite WIFI or networks, and where possible independent solar power and battery backup.

Users can then apply this information to help make better-informed decisions, improve efficiencies and productivity, create cost savings and maximise profitability.