AxisTech has a growing range of devices which have multi-use capabilities and can be adapted to suit our client’s needs. At AxisTech, we are always looking at ways to understand our customers’ needs. We develop and adapt our technology to deliver new solutions.

We use our devices to power and control a variety of environmental sensors to generate data which is packaged and compressed by the device for delivery via Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to back end cloud servers. This data is then decompressed and converted into a user friendly JSON format for customers’ analysis software programs or can be managed within our own alerting and dashboarding software.

Animal Management

AxisTech is a distributor for the Digitanimal collars. The Digitanimal collar is a device that monitors an animal’s GPS location, heart rate, and temperature.

Camera Solutions

Protect your land and assets with our camera devices, ranging from basic powered units to solar high-resolution cameras with 25X optical zoom.

Environmental Management

AxisTech provides environmental solutions enabling farm managers and business owners to help protect employees, contractors, and visitors on site.

Soil Monitoring

Automated data gathering around soil quality and moisture level enables real time decision making and detection in seasonal and climatic changes. The EnviroPro soil probe collects data about temperature, moisture and pH levels.

Water Management

AxisTech provides a range of water solutions to help farm staff monitor and manage their most precious resource.

Weather Monitoring

The S95 weather station is solar powered with data sensors that capture wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity. Optional upgrade to include ultrasonic wind sensors, solar radiation or UV radiation.