AxisTech has a growing range of devices which have multi-use capabilities and can be adapted to suit our client’s needs. At AxisTech, we are always looking at ways to understand our customers’ needs. We develop and adapt our technology to deliver new solutions.

We use our devices to power and control a variety of environmental sensors to generate data which is packaged and compressed by the device for delivery via Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) to back end cloud servers. This data is then decompressed and converted into a user friendly JSON format for customers’ analysis software programs or can be managed within our own alerting and dashboarding software.

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AxisTech offers a range of connectivity options to enable the efficient transfer of data for your on-farm data requirements.


This device monitors an animal’s GPS location, heart rate and temperature


S95-P91 Dust Sensor

An infrared particulate matter sensing device that can sense as small as 1 um particle.


Soil S95-EP

The Soil S95-EP uses an EnviroPro soil probe to collect data around soil temperature, moisture and pH levels. 


Solar 4G Camera

Our solar-powered camera will help protect your land and assets.


Solar 4G PTZ Camera

Our ultra-high-definition camera comes with infrared night vision.

S95 Weather Station

S95 Weather Station

Our solar-powered weather station comes with data sensors to capture all important weather parameters.

AxisTech Tipping Rain Gauge

S95-A26 Tipping Rain Gauge

Our tipping rain gauge comes with independent solar power and will help to measure precipitation.


Water Flow Meter

Our solar-powered water flow meter is a useful device that helps measure how much water you use for a variety of tasks.


Water Pressure Unit

Our solar-powered water pressure unit will help with measuring gauge pressure.

Waterwatch LS1-R1 Trough Sensor

Waterwatch LS1-R1 Trough Sensor

The trough sensor will help to remotely monitor water troughs around your property and ensure every animal’s needs are met.

water tank sensor

Waterwatch T35 Tank Sensor

This highly accurate radar sensor is the master of tank management and designed to measure liquid levels in water tanks.


Ceres Tags

AxisTech is a distributor for Ceres Tag. An animal monitoring technology that’s the world’s first direct to satellite animal tracking.