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AxisStream is a highly unique data management solution that has been designed to solve the challenges farmers and agribusiness have with their data. 

Current Challenges With Data

The Solution

Significant amounts of data in inaccessible forms

All data can be ingested and easily accessed

Stored in disparate software platforms and databases

Central farmer or business-owned data store

Data is rarely uniform or standardised

Data standardised to a uniformed model

Loss of ownership, possession and control

Control and ownership of your data

No easy way to collaborate and share data

User-controlled data collaboration and sharing

Whole-of-farm or whole-of-business data can be ingested, standardised to a uniform data model (industry or global standard) and stored in one data store that is owned and controlled by the individual farm or business. The types of data that can be stored can include and is not limited to:

Paper records digitised and converted to data

Digital documents converted to data (i.e. PDFs, CSV, Excel)

Real-time IoT devices, other technology and sensors

Reports and data from external third-parties (grain delivery, soil testing, plant tissue testing, wool testing, feedlot data, meat processing weights/grading data, livestock genetics).

Data from farm management, manufacturing and other platforms

Machinery data (i.e. MyJohnDeere)

This well-organised and well-structured data can then be consumed in multiple ways by the business itself, including visualisation, insights and analysis, used by consultants, selected data for compliance purposes, or processing through third-party algorithms and machine learning tools.

The AxisStream system can be scaled from the smallest farm to the largest multi-business enterprise. It can handle with ease operational data from non-farming stages within the supply chain (e.g. meat processing) to provide a complete picture of the supply chain. AxisStream can be used by farms, agribusiness, food and beverage processors, grower groups, consultants and researchers. 

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Who is AxisStream for?

The AxisStream solution has applicability across any commodity type and production system and can scale from the smallest farm to the largest multi-business enterprise, and can handle with ease operational data from non-farming stages within the supply chain, e.g meat processing.

AxisStream can be used by:


Food and Beverage Processors



Grower Groups


Features and Benefits

✅ On ingestion, data is standardised to a uniform data model (industry or global standard).

✅ Farm records, production data and device data all stored in the same place.

✅ Data ownership, possession and control are maintained at an individual farm or business level.

✅ Visualisation and analysis of data across all data sets from a single farm or multiple farms.

✅ Users can conduct their own research and analysis to gain farm or operation-specific insight.

✅ AxisStream can be used for data sharing at a group, grower group or supply chain level.

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