Floodway Monitoring Solution

Floodways are prevalent throughout Australia. Traditionally reliant on a roadside depth marker, road users and those responsible for managing roads have needed to be on site to view road conditions.

AxisTech is bringing its smarts and experience from agricultural water monitoring to the roadside. Its remote sensing solution will report from any location in Australia (or globally), provide alerts on rising water levels and can even illuminate the depth marker during periods of high water levels or road closure

Design, Features and Specifications

  • Industrial-grade high-temperature-rated components (80+ degrees) for surviving hot temperatures
  • Colour coordinated with depth markers to minimise non-operational visibility (reducing theft risk). 
  • Streamlined and low-profile design to minimise resistance during full flooding events 
  • Solar charging and long life battery
  • Weather proofing: UV Resistant enclosure, IP68 (no dust or water ingress, full immersion 1+m), 200+ km/h wind speed loading
  • Mounted to existing depth gauge with no stand alone mount required
  • Optional lighting for illuminating depth marker

The trials are demonstrating: - broadacre cropping equipment - new and innovative data generating technologies - new and innovative fertiliser options - self-contained circular system of green waste and FOGO from the urban areas transformed into plant nutrition and soil health ameliorant - reduced emission, high yield retaining, soil health building broadacre agriculture