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Spatial Hub

A collaboration between two of Australia’s premier ag tech organisations, AxisTech and Spatial Hub Analytics, will provide a digital leap forward to the way farmers and land managers approach infrastructure mapping, providing them with significant opportunities for growth and insight.

Hailing from Western Australia and South Australia respectively, AxisTech and Spatial Hub Analytics have joined forces to elevate their technological offerings and extend the reach of their innovative data and software solutions.

This partnership promises a host of benefits for both organisations and, most importantly, for farmers seeking advanced tools to enhance their operations.




Widely acclaimed as one of the nation’s premier farm infrastructure mapping tools, FarmMap4D from Spatial Hub Analytics brings an array of cutting-edge features to the table:

  • Comprehensive digital mapping: FarmMap4D enables farmers to digitally map their entire farm infrastructure with precision, providing a holistic view of their land.
  • Infrastructure mapping: Detailed elevation mapping of fences and water pipelines enhances infrastructure planning and maintenance.
  • Stock management: Water distance analysis and safe carrying capacity assessments enable efficient livestock management.
  • Advanced satellite analysis: High-resolution time series satellite, ground cover, NDVI and agronomic analysis equip farmers with up-to-date information on their land’s condition.

With more than 1200 livestock properties mapped across one million square kilometres, it covers an expansive 14 per cent of Australia’s landmass – equivalent to the size of Germany, twice over.

A diverse clientele, including major corporations, indigenous land groups, and individual pastoralists, attests to the widespread utility and value of this exceptional tool.

Through this collaboration, FarmMap4D will be integrated into AxisTech’s pioneering AxisStream data management platform, which is designed to consolidate diverse datasets into a farmer or business owned data store.

This integration will empower users to streamline their data collection, storage, analysis and reuse of their data, unlocking unprecedented insights that can drive operational excellence.

In addition to the AxisStream data management platform and supporting services, Spatial Hub Analytics will now also have access to the AxisTech suite of IoT sensors and devices and camera monitoring solutions for their clients.

This collaboration opens avenues for more targeted, sustainable land management strategies, encompassing critical aspects such as drought, flood, bushfire and carbon analysis.

By combining our strengths, expertise, and innovative technologies, we are dedicated to empowering farmers with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of modern agriculture successfully.