A thriving soil ecosystem not only nurtures the vital organisms that inhabit it but also facilitates the cycling of nutrients and maintains the physical conditions necessary for life. Recognising the paramount importance of healthy soils, AxisTech is dedicated to championing sustainable agricultural practices through cutting-edge soil measurement and management solutions.

The dawn of a new era in soil management

Gone are the days of laborious soil sampling under the scorching sun. A new era has arrived, promising enhanced efficiency and the ability to make informed decisions for both short-term and long-term farm management. Leveraging the power of innovation, AxisTech offers a revolutionary combination of the iScan and soil probe, which together provide a comprehensive soil dataset to optimise in-season and future product applications, as well as soil management strategies, while delivering welcomed operational efficiencies.

Soil Track




Soils-on-the-Go is a multi technology, multi year development program for creating, integrating and deploying sensors and data management for soils at high resolution on a seeder bar, other tillage equipment or 3-point linkage.

WA Statewide Trials

WA Statewide Trials is a partnership that brings together systems and technologies to enable the production, demonstration and validation of soil carbon growth in cropping systems.