WA Statewide Trials

WA Statewide Farm Trials

The WA Farm Trials program is an exciting large-scale broadacre initiative which aims to assist with the application and adoption of new on-farm research.

As part of this season’s trials and roadshow, about 600 hectares was sown over five weeks aiming to prove up fertilisers and technologies at 30 sites throughout the WA grain-belt. The trials covered 4000km from Binnu in the NW to Esperance – an area larger than the size of the UK! 

The multi-year on-farm program, run by Carbon AgTech – a collaboration between AxisTech and Carbon Ag Solutions – aims to assist farmers with data-driven decision-making for fertilisers, agricultural technologies (agtech), machinery and seed varieties.

The trial sites covered various rainfall zones, soil types and seeds including wheat, oats, barley canola and legumes, and aimed to demonstrate high productivity, versatility, accuracy and durability of the locally designed iPaddock’s 12-metre AlphaDisc seeding bar utilised at each farm.

Carbon Agtech’s iScan high-resolution soil mapping device was also attached to the air seeder bar to enable soil mapping in real time! It provides data around carbon, soil nutrients and soil compaction.

The trials program also includes soil and plant emergence, sampling which is currently being undertaken, and fertiliser application.

AxisTech is supporting these trials by providing the AxisStream data management platform to systemise in-field data collection process, standardising all collected data, is backing up the trials utilising AxisStream – its data management platform, and Data Engineers are now performing on-farm data analysis to provide insights to assist in terms of productivity, profitability, efficiency and to encourage adoption.